A fun workshop. Lovely to meet Andrew and you and I thank you for your organisation and Andrew for his white balance tip in particular.

-When introducing ourselves we showed three of your favourite images. I liked this because I took some of the pressure off talking to a crowd of people & Andrew was able to discuss our pictures with us. His critiques/compliments of each image were constructive and insightful.
-The video footage of Andrew and the slide show of his images. More behind the scenes pics or videos would be interesting to see.
-We had the freedom to break away from the group and spend an hour shooting on our own.
-The workshop was in the afternoon-evening rather than during the day.
-Andrew spoke to us about body language and approach. On the ferry we were able to watch him put those things into practice.

I’ve taken a lot out of that workshop and it has really stayed with me in the couple of months since. I found it equal parts inspiring, enjoyable and challenging. Any builds for the future are more about me and what I bring to the table.

I loved Andrews workshop! And I learnt so much. I think about his comments every time I’m out shooting.

Having to submit your photos and have them reviewed at the beginning of the workshop. Eek!!
Seeing Andrews own work and hearing his comments
The ferry and all its opportunities
Dinner and opportunity to connect with the others
Reviewing the days photos
But I should have spent more time in Andrews company at Manly , getting his tips!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the workshop to have the impact it did on my photography. Having the freedom of just using a phone and really being able to get close to people without them really noticing really changed my way of thinking. I still use my DSLR a lot but I find I pull my phone out more often to take a photo. Love using the 645 Pro App for taking the photos on my phone which I didn’t know about before. Seeing the video of Andrew in Afghanistan was amazing. It really gave you a sense of what his life is like working there and the pressure he is often under. Loved seeing everyones photos after we had been to Manly and hearing Andrew’s comments. It was just a really nice, supportive group and the fact that Andrew was so relaxed (well that is how it appeared) made it very enjoyable.

First all the pre-workshop was a 10 out of 10. Everything was very easy, you replied all the emails fast and answered all my questions. And then the workshop day was amazing. One of the things that really liked to me is that we were a small group. I strongly believe is one of the keys for the success. The place where we did the class was very convenient. Andrew was very professional and I learnt a lot from him and from the rest of the participants. I like how you the workshop was structured.  I hope it last the whole weekend, because with only one day we did such a strong group imagine after 2 days! And again, you and Andrew were a 10 out of 10. Very helpful, very human and very professionals. Thanks for such a great experience!

Everything was really good compared to other workshops I have been on. Really enjoyed Andrew providing background of his photos, how he came into that scenario, and what he looked for in it. Also how he sets up his camera/iphone.  Best of luck with the Dubai workshops – would love to be able to have been able to come along.

For what it’s worth, here are my few thoughts:
Loved that Andrew shared his full process, by that I mean showing all images not just the shortlisted ones, talking through his thought process when editing and choosing which ones he’d use, etc. Many don’t show this but it’s incredibly valuable and insightful as I find that area probably the hardest in some ways
Both you and Andrew set up a warm, friendly dynamic for the day that meant it was easy to approach with questions/comments etc; but it was also held a degree of independence which was great (less ‘school teacher’ and more adult)
Andrews’ comments on our own work at the start was a great way to get into it, I had forgotten how much I craved input and feedback from other voices and even though it was brief, it was an important part of the day for me. It was also great to see everyone else’s work and get a feel for the different styles around the group
The locations (and transport to and from) allowed ample opportunities for photos and for different styles of photography
I don’t think I have any particular builds for future workshops which I know is not very helpful!
I feel like I’ve been sprinting since leaving the workshop on the 20th but wanted to write and thank both you and Andrew for a wonderful opportunity.

It’s taken me a few days (amongst the pre Christmas mayhem) to digest all that I learnt from Andrew. I loved being challenged and being pushed away from my comfort zone, and I’m look forward to a few quiet moments after Christmas to experiment. In hindsight, I wished I’d done more preparation, but was grateful for the last minute opportunity.

I found Andrew to be generous with his knowledge and a very good teacher and would be grateful if you passed that onto him. Thank you Anna for your organisation – it was very clear a lot of thought had gone into logistics and it made a difference.

A truly memorable day that anything but disappointed. So happy to have meet you both and had my high expectations fulfilled.

Thank you very much for yesterday, I have never attended such a well-organised workshop! Andrew lived up to my expectations, such a great photographer and generous person!

Thanks for organizing yesterday, I had fun and learnt to see the world slightly differently.

Ed, it was truly a pleasure and an honor meeting you and getting feedback from you. I have been a strong admirer of your work for some time now and couldn’t resist the opportunity to come to Paris for the day. It certainly was worth it and I can’t thank you enough for everything. Someday I will take you up on your “lifetime warranty” promise!!!!
I wish you safe travels always and will be looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Anna, it was equally a pleasure meeting you!!!! Your warm spirit, perfect organization, kindness and valuable input made the day just perfect.